Guaranteed rent.

We guarantee your rent. Period. By becoming your tenant, we accept responsibility of paying you rent and assume the liabilities and risks involved with the rental process. If you are tired of screening renters and chasing rent payments, contact us to see if what we offer suits your needs.

During our fifteen years of real estate and investment property experience, it’s likely we’ve encountered many of the problems that maybe you have already dealt with or that deter you from becoming a landlord. To ensure you have a worry-free experience, we assume the responsibility for the following:

Tenant selection and contact.

We are committed to finding responsible sub tenants. We conduct a comprehensive background check and thorough interview to find a suitable renter for the property. We also take care of all contact with the sub tenants, including maintenance calls, pursuing rent, confrontation and/or filing for eviction. We deal directly with the issues.

Guaranteed rent.

You’ll receive rent from APL on time, every time – guaranteed. There’s no need to worry about chasing money, bounced cheques or late payments, we take care of that.

Concerned about tenant damage?

Even good tenants can make mistakes. In the event that the sub tenant causes abnormal damages to your property, as your tenant, APL will look after this. For example placing a barbeque too close to vinyl siding. This can cause the siding to warp, which will then need repair and/or replacement. In situations such as this we will cover these costs.

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