Leasing & Rent Guarantee

Owner/Landlord Benefits
APL Rent Guarantee
Management Company
Management Fees $0 10 – 15% of Rent Plus a Min. of ½ of the First Month
Advertising Fees $0 Cost passed on to the Owner
Administration Fees $0 Cost passed on to the Owner
Tenant Screening
Guaranteed Rent Payments Whether Vacant or Rented
Owner Protected from Tenant Damage & Repair Costs
Collections/Evictions/Legal at NO Cost to Owner
No Vacancy Costs For Owner
Maintenance/Repairs Handled for Owner at No Cost Some
Risk in Renting Property Low High
Cost vs. Benefit Low High
Probability of ++Cash Flow High Low



Our leasing agents can help you remediate situations with undesirable renters and have your property up and running again by helping you obtain a Residential Tenancy
Dispute Resolution Service Order. The service starts at  at $375.00 and includes filing fees and document service costs.

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