Life changing?

Maybe you own an investment property and you don’t even realize it! Are you facing a move due to a work transfer? Have you recently decided to purchase a larger home for your family and aren’t quite sure if you should sell your present home? Maybe you have suddenly had to take over care and maintenance of your parents’ home.

Life changes like the seasons do. As these changes come about you can find that you’re suddenly wondering what to do with your home. A home that wasn’t purchased with the intention of renting it out. A home that you never thought of as an ‘investment property’. But as life’s seasons change so do the expectations with your property. Visit our Owner rental request page or call us and let us know about your situation and needs.

Are you having to move abroad?

Are you moving temporarily? Permanently? Whatever the reason or length of time of your absence you don’t have to sell your home right now. At APL we will work with you and show you how to keep your property without it breaking the bank. In most cases we can even help you put money in your pocket! With APL professionally renting your property you can continue to own your home until you’re ready to return from abroad or ready to sell. Either way your equity will continue to grow and you can feel safe with the assurance that you’re property is cared for. Visit our Owner rental request page or call us and let us know about your needs. Go ahead, grab the key!

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